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SHELL Spirax GX 80W 20 lit.
Unit:20 liter
  Applications Automotive transmissions • Synchromesh gearboxes and medium loaded axle drives. Performance Features Long oil drain capability...
Ár: 35.777 Ft
SHELL Tivela S 220/OMALA S4 WE 220 20 lit
Unit:20 liter
Shell Tivela Oil S is an advanced synthetic heavy duty industrial gear oil formulated using specially selected polyalkylene glycol base fluids and additives....
Ár: 59.544 Ft
SHELL Advance Gear EP 80W 1 lit.
Unit:1 liter
Advance Gear EP is a gear oil specifically formulated for the lubrication of motorcycle gearboxes asking for oils with EP performances....
Ár: 1.740 Ft
SHELL Tonna T 220/Tonna S2 M 220 20 lit
Unit:20 liter
Shell Tonna Oils T are specially designed for the lubrication of machine tool slides and tables. They are based on highly refined mineral oils and contain additives to...
Ár: 31.355 Ft
SHELL Hélix Dies. HX7 10w40 4 lit.
Unit:4 liter
SHELL Hélix Dies. HX7 10w40 4 lit. is an advanced, synthetic technology based lubricant for superior engine protection in all driving conditions, whatever your diesel car....
Ár: 6.919 Ft
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