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SHELL Omala 150/Omala S2 G 150 20 lit
Unit:20 liter
Shell Omala Oils are high quality, extreme-pressure oils designed, primarily, for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears....
Ár: 32.120 Ft
Shell Advance Racing X 2T 1 lit.
Unit:1 lit.
Advance Racing X 2T is a unique, fully synthetic lubricant for ultimate engine protection and performance in 2-stroke racing motorcycle engines and karts with...
Ár: 3.960 Ft 3.600 Ft
SPIRAX S3 AX 80W90 1 lit
Unit:1 liter
Shell Spirax AX are long-life axle oils designed to give new benefits based on levels of performance to meet the future requirements of drivelines, compared to...
Ár: 1.938 Ft
SHELL Retinax EP2 0,4 kg
Unit:0,4 kg
Shell Retinax Grease EP Premium automotive multi-purpose grease Shell Retinax Grease EP 2 is a multi-purpose, extreme pressure grease based on highly...
Ár: 1.059 Ft
Shell Tivela S 320 20 lit.
Unit:20 liter
Shell Tivela Oil S is an advanced synthetic heavy duty industrial gear oil formulated using specially selected polyalkylene glycol base fluids...
Ár: 55.279 Ft
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