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SHELL Helix Ultra Professional AF 5W30 1 lit.
Maximális motorteljesítmény egészen a következő olajcseréig A Shell Helix Ultra AF a teljesen szintetikus motorolajok legújabb generációja, amely speciálisan arra a...
Ár: 2.600 Ft
SHELL Tellus T 46/TELLUS S2 V 46 20 lit
Unit:20 liter
  Premium hydraulic oil for wide temperature ranges Premium performance, anti-wear hydraulic oils which incorporate a special viscosity index improver additive...
Ár: 35.385 Ft
SHELL Hélix Dies. HX7 AV 5w30 1 lit.
Unit:1 liter
The SHELL Hélix Dies. HX7 AV 5w30  is a synthetic technology engine oil, specially for VW designed injection system in diesel engines.
Ár: 2.135 Ft
SHELL Hélix HX7 AF 5w30 1 lit.
Unit:1 liter
Shell Hélix HX7 AF is the latest generation synthetic technology engine oil designed specifically to meet the needs of all USA and European petrol and diesel engines...
Ár: 2.079 Ft
SHELL Hélix Ultra VX 5W30 1 lit.
Unit:1 liter
Ultimate protection for performance motoring Shell Helix Ultra VX is a premium-grade, fully synthetic engine oil scientifically formulated Helix Ultra VX 5W-30 exceeds the...
Ár: 2.510 Ft
SHELL Tellus S 46 New 20 lit.
Unit:20 liter
Shell Tellus Oils S Zinc-free hydraulic oils for severe duty Based on advanced ‘zinc and chlorine free’ technology, Shell Tellus Oils S are formulated to...
Ár: 29.197 Ft
SHELL Hélix HX7 AV 10w40 4 lit.
Unit:4 liter
Shell Helix HX7 AV 10w40 is an advanced technology, semi-synthetic motor oil that gives your engine exceptional cleansing properties with special cleansing agents that actively...
Ár: 6.859 Ft
SHELL Helix HX8 Synthetic 5W40 4 lit.
Unit:4 lit.
Maximális motortisztítás, a nagy teljesítményű autózás érdekében. Felfrissíti és védi az Ön autóját! A Shell Helix HX8 kiváló, teljesen szintetikus,...
Ár: 7.809 Ft
SHELL Advance Ultra 2 1 litre
Unit:1 liter
Shell Advance Ultra 2 is a unique, Shell technology, fully synthetic oil for Shell’s ultimate performance and protection of 2-stroke motorcycle engines....
Ár: 2.809 Ft
SHELL Tonna T 68/TONNA S2 M 68 20 lit
Unit:20 liter
  Shell Tonna Oils T are specially designed for the lubrication of machine tool slides and tables. They are based on highly refined mineral oils and contain additives to...
Ár: 30.166 Ft
SHELL Omala S2 G 220 20 lit
Unit:20 liter
Shell Omala Oils are high quality, extreme-pressure oils designed, primarily, for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears....
Ár: 30.999 Ft
Shell Hélix Ultra 5w30 1 lit.
Unit:1 lit.
Teljesen szintetikus motorolaj – A Shell legkorszerűbb olaja nagyteljesítményű motorok részére A Shell Helix Ultra egyedülálló aktív tisztító technológiát...
Ár: 2.430 Ft
Shell Transaxle 75W90 1litre
Unit:1 liter
Synthetic high performance gear oil. Heavily loaded “transaxle” transmission where hypoid axle and gearbox are in the same housing and lubricated by the same...
Ár: 3.569 Ft
SHELL Retinax EP2/GADUS S2 V220 2 18 KG.
 Shell Retinax Grease EP Premium automotive multi-purpose grease Shell Retinax Grease EP 2 is a multi-purpose, extreme pressure grease based on highly refined...
Ár: 32.535 Ft
SHELL Spirax S4 G 75W90 1 lit.
Unit:1 lit.
Nagy teljesítményű szintetikus hajtóműolaj kézi kapcsolású VW sebességváltókhoz A Shell Spirax S4 G 75W-90 szintetikus gépjármű-hajtóműolaj, amely a Volkswagen...
Ár: 2.492 Ft
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