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Shell Hélix Dies. Ultra AR-L 5w30 1lit.

VTSZ: 27101981
Shell Helix Diesel Ultra R 5W-30 is a premium-grade, fully synthetic engine oil scientifically formulated to give you maximum engine clean up properties using special cleansing agents that actively and continuously lock away harmful dirt and deposits. Shell Helix Diesel Ultra R is a unique, fully synthetic lubricant giving ultimate engine and exhaust after treatment protection for performance motoring, is approved by Renault in support of increased oil change intervals and exhaust after treatment device protection. Applications • Specifically intended for the latest Renault Diesel engines fitted with exhaust after treatment and also suitable for older Diesel engines requiring a 5W-30 viscosity. Performance Features and Benefits • Maximum engine clean up Actively and continuously lock away harmful dirt and deposits. • Ultimate protection and long engine life In all driving conditions, including frequent stop and go city driving as well as at extremely high revs, and in all types of engines. The engine lasts longer than with conventional oils • Enhanced fuel economy and better cold starting Low viscosity, rapid oil flow and low friction effectively contribute towards reducing fuel consumption and better cold starting. • Low oil consumption The use of selected synthetic base oils reduces the oil volatility and therefore the oil consumption. The need for oil top up is therefore reduced.
Price: 2.799 Ft
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