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MainpageLubricantsEngine oilsSHELL Hélix HX7 AF 5w30 20 lit.

SHELL Hélix HX7 AF 5w30 20 lit.

VTSZ: 27101981


• All naturally aspirated, fuel injected,

turbocharged and multi-valve Ford

passenger car engines that admit the

use of fuel economy oils having a low

viscosity in high temperature high shear

rate conditions.

Petrol engines 1999 model year onwards:

> Vehicles with 20000km service interval

> Focus 1.4/1.6 Zetec-SE, 1.8/2.0 Zetec-E

> Mondeo 2001 – 1.8/2.0 Duratec-HE,

2.5 Duratec-VE

> Transit (8/98) – 2.0/2.3 DOHC

Diesel engines 1999 model year onwards:

> Focus – 1.8 Endura-DI, 1.8 DuraTorq – TDCi

> Mondeo – 2.0 DuraTorq DI

> Transit – 2.0/2.4 DuraTorq DI

Performance Features

Excellent engine protection

Catalyst and turbo compatible

Fuel economy performanceEasy start up even with cold condition

Specifications, Approvals

and Recommendations

Shell Hélix HX7 AF is suitable for use where

the following specifications are called for:

API Service Classification SJ



Ford Motor Company Approved against

WSS-M2C913A and

Typical Physical Characteristics WSS-M2C913B

Price: 37.200 Ft
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