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SHELL Rimula X 30 20 lit.

VTSZ: 27101981

Shell Rimula X 30 monogrades have been

formulated to provide robust engine

performance in a variety of off-highway

applications and older on-highway diesel


Construction Industry Application

• Engine oil technology is sometimes

specified for use in the transmission and

hydraulic applications. Shell Rimula X 30

monogrades offer premium performance

and protection for these applications

Stationary equipment

• Shell Rimula X 30 monogrades are suitable

for certain stationary equipment, such as

pumps, that run continuously under steady

state conditions.

Performance Features

Equipment manufacturer acceptanceHigh standard of piston cleanlinessLow engine wear and long component life

Specifications, Approvals

and Recommendations

R3-10W ACI: CF

R3+ 30 API: CF

MAN: 270

MB Approval: 228.0

MTU Category 1

R3+ 40 API: CF


MAN: 270

MB Approval: 228.0

MTU Category 1

Price: 29.282 Ft
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