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SHELL Tellus DO 46/Tellus S2 MA 46 20 lit

VTSZ: 27101983

    Industrial hydraulic systems

    Injection moulding machines

      Electronically controlled hydraulic equipment

    Mobile equipment

    Headstocks and hydraulic controls in automatic lathes (when a synthetic or semi-synthetic water-extendible metal working fluid is used)

Where low start up and high service temperatures are encountered the use of Shell Tellus Oil TD 46 is recommended. Performance Features

    Powerful cleaning properties

Effective anti-corrosion performance
Emulsification properties
Enhanced anti-friction properties
Outstanding anti-wear and load-carrying propertiesExcellent filterability
Excellent mechanical and oxidation stability
Low foaming tendency
Reduced environmental impact
Specifications and Approvals

Tellus Oils DO meet the requirements of:

DIN 51524 PART 2

Take used oil to an authorised collection point.  Do not discharge into drains, soil or water

Price: 27.920 Ft
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