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SHELL Tellus TD 46 20 lit.

VTSZ: 27101983

Shell Tellus TD 46 is a blend of top quality mineral base oils and a multi-functional

additive package to provide superior performance in hydraulic and other industrial

systems working in a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions


Earth moving equipment and similar units

subjected to the most severe outdoor

operating conditions.

All hydraulic systems for which an HLPD oil is


Certain industrial gearboxes.

Hydraulic systems which specify the use of

engine oils meeting SAE 10W, 20W-20 or 30

viscosity classifications

HVLPD according to DIN 51502

ISO class L-HV according to ISO 6743/4

Performance Features and Benefits

Very high viscosity index
Powerful cleaning propertiesEffective anti-corrosion performance Emulsification propertiesEnhanced friction properties Anti-wearExcellent mechanical and oxidation stability

Very good filterability

Price: 33.959 Ft
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