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Shell Advance Racing X 2T 1 lit.

VTSZ: 34031980

Advance Racing X 2T is a unique, fully synthetic lubricant for ultimate engine

protection and performance in 2-stroke racing motorcycle engines and karts with

manual gearboxes.

Advance Racing X 2T is a race proven technology (Grand Prix, off-road world

championships and kart sports) and it is not recommended for day to day on road


World championship competition engines in

Grand Prix, motocross, road racing, kart and

other 2 stroke motorcycle racing engines.

Ultimate engine protection

Exceptional protection in the most severe racing


Typical Physical Characteristics

Advance Racing X 2T

Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D 445
at 40°C mm2/s 173.6

at 100°C mm2/s 19.93

Viscosity Index ISO 2909 135

Density at 15°C kg/m3 ASTM D 4052 918

Flash Point COC °C ISO 2592 292

Pour Point °C ISO 3016 -37

Advance Racing X 2T is not ideally suited for “on road

use”. Advance Ultra 2 or VSX 2 are the preferred

grades for “on-road” two-stroke engines.

Advance Racing X 2T is non-diluted therefore it is

suggested to use it in premixing system with a mixing

ratio of 1:40 unless otherwise recommended by

engine manufacturer.

Advance Racing X 2T should not be used in outboard

engines. The appropriate Shell Nautilus Oil is

recommended for this application.

  • The Shell Advance Racing X is offered by the Honda Racing Corporation
Price: 3.960 Ft 3.600 Ft
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