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MoTip Car Care Rain Away 375 ml
Unit:375 ml
High quality water repellent spray for windscreens, mirrors and visors...
Ár: 2.464 Ft
SONAX UpholsteryCleanerFoam 400 ml
Unit:400 ml
Quickly and gently removes even the most stubborn dirt such as grease, oil and tar stains from textiles, upholstery, loose covers and fitted carpets...
Ár: 2.079 Ft
SONAX LeatherCareLotion 250 ml.
Unit:250 ml
Top quality lotion for the gentle cleaning and care of car interiors, motorcycles leathers and other smooth leather articles.
Ár: 2.894 Ft
SONAX CarPolish 250 ml
Unit:250 ml
This polish removes slight scratches and restores shine to dull paintwork. Cleans, restores colour and provides protec-tion for the treated surfaces
Ár: 1.699 Ft
SONAX Xtreme Clear View 1:100 Nano Pro 250 ml.
Unit:250 ml
Highly effective summer cleaning concentrate for windscreenand headlamp washer units. Innovative nano particles perceptibly increase the cleaning speed by optimizing the products...
Ár: 2.249 Ft
SONAX Chrome & AluPaste 75 ml.
Unit:75 ml
Care agent containing polish, for aluminium and trim metals such as copper, brass and chrome.
Ár: 1.480 Ft
SONAX RubberCare 300 ml
Unit:300 ml
Cleans and protects rubber surfaces, helps to keep plasticity. It extends rubber lifetime, intensifies colours.
Ár: 1.459 Ft
SONAX Wash & Wax 500 ml.
Unit:500 ml
The quick wash and paintwork care. Cleaning and protection in one go. Dirt is effectively dissolved and the wax forms a protective film to protect and enhance the...
Ár: 1.820 Ft
SONAX CarCareCloth
Durable care cloth to dry the wet paintwork, chrome parts and windows. Soft, handy and very absorbent.
Ár: 2.859 Ft
SONAX SuperLiquidWax 250 ml
Unit:250 ml
High quality wax for nearly new and polished standard and metallic paints
Ár: 1.779 Ft
MoTip Car Care Leather Protect 300 ml
Unit:500 ml
High quality maintenance product to clean and protect upholstery of leather and semi leather. Cleansing properties Protects against weather influences Gives...
Ár: 1.240 Ft
SONAX SuperLiquidWax 500 ml.
Unit:500 ml
High quality wax for nearly new and polished standard and metallic paints
Ár: 2.285 Ft
SONAX PlasticRestorer black 100 ml.
Unit:100 ml
Colour refresher and care product for faded and weather-worn plastics parts on the car's exterior.
Ár: 1.989 Ft
SONAX TrimProtectant glossy with scent 250 ml.
Unit:300 ml pumpás
High quality care emulsion for plastic and rubber parts. Cleans, maintains and protects inside and outside.
Ár: 1.599 Ft
SONAX Leather Care Wipes 10 pieces
For cleaning and care of all types of smooth leather. (car, motorbike, furniture, clothes,bag etc.
Ár: 1.020 Ft
SONAX InsectRemover 500 ml.
Unit:500 ml
Quickly and easily removes insects from paintwork, wind-screens/glass and plastic parts
Ár: 1.789 Ft
MoTip Car Care Cockpitspray Silicone Free 400 ml
Unit:400 ml
High quality spray to clean, protect and embellish the dashboard and other plastic parts in the car.
Ár: 1.049 Ft
SONAX Autópolír és wax X-treme 250 ml
Unit:250 ml.
Nano-technológi alapján a rendkivül sérült és matt lakk felületek ápolásához készűlt.Valamennyi normál,metál és kerámia lakrétegen valamint,lakkozott müanyag...
Ár: 2.319 Ft
SONAX Car Wash 1lit.
Unit:1 l
Mild car shampoo for frequent use. 100 ml give 10 l of wash water
Ár: 954 Ft
SONAX PaintworkGloss 250 ml.
Unit:250 ml
Polish with gentle abrasives for nearly new and slightly older colour and metallic paint.
Ár: 3.919 Ft
MoTip Car Care Textile Cleaner 400 ml
Unit:400 ml
High quality effective, fast-drying foam to clean fabrics. Use direction: door-curtain, carpet
Ár: 1.270 Ft
SONAX Synthetic Chamois (packed in box)
Extra large, high-quality chamois with an excellent absorbtion capacity. Always ready to use thanks to moisture retaining container. SONAX Synthetic Chamois is...
Ár: 1.325 Ft
SONAX RubberCareCrayon
Unit:20 gr
Prevents rubber seals on doors, convertible hoods, windscreens and boot lids from sticking in the cold winter months.
Ár: 1.549 Ft
SONAX Smoke-Ex 500 ml.
Unit:500 ml
Eradicates nicotine, animal and other unpleasant smells in the car and home. Neutralizes unpleasant odours. Suitable for upholstery, seats, carpets, curtains, textiles, shoes,...
Ár: 2.925 Ft
SONAX MultiSponge
With two different application surfaces. The grey side has a soft texture and is formulated for general vehicle cleaning
Ár: 850 Ft
SONAX Antifreeze & ClearView
Unit:2 l
The reliable cleaning and anti-freeze for the windscreen washer. Removes oil, soot, salt and other typical winter dirt.
Ár: 1.730 Ft
Sonax Microfibre cloth (inside and glass)
Microfibre cloth for removing dirt and greasy films from glass, mirrors and plastics. Also ideal for textile surfaces such as upholstery and carpets, as it is lint...
Ár: 749 Ft
SONAX Metál-lakk polírozó 500 ml
Unit:500 ml.
A természetes viasz és az értékes alkotóanyagok kombinációja a lakk felületnek megbízható védelmet és csillogó fényt biztosít.A felületen rendkívűl könnyen...
Ár: 3.349 Ft
SONAX Rim Cleaner 500 ml
Unit:500 ml
The cleaner for regular wheel rim maintenance. Ideal for cleaning normal grime and prevents the build-up of stubborn dirt – especially brake dust....
Ár: 2.600 Ft
SONAX PlasticCareWipes 10 pieces
Cleans, maintains and protects all plastic parts and also wood and rubber. The practical solution for interiors & exteriors. Ideal for journeys and between...
Ár: 860 Ft
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