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SHELL Tegula V32 20 lit.

VTSZ: 27101987


Railway hydrodynamic transmission systems

• Transmission systems for railway diesel

engines consist of various combinations

of fluid couplings, torque converters

and transmission gears. This type of

transmission is used in combination with

a hydrodynamic brake which is operated

to reduce brake shoe wear during periods

of prolonged braking down long slopes.

At times, the brake oil temperature may

reach up to 140°C.

Performance Features

• Based on a blend of highly refined

mineral oils and optimised additive

system for superior thermal and oxidative


• Meets increased thermal requirements of

railway hydrodynamic transmissions for

extended drain intervals.

• Provides excellent and constant air release

properties over long period.

• Excellent extreme-pressure and micropitting

resistance properties permit

excellent load-carrying capacity with

reduced component wear.

• Compatibility with all seal materials and

paints normally specified for use with

mineral oil.

• Enhanced compatibility with yellow metals

even at higher temperature.

• Not recommended for use in industrial

couplings if excessive water environment

can not be avoided.

Specifications, Approvals

and Recommendations

Voith: 3.285-149

(for use in Voith Power Transmission)

Tegula V 32 is approved and recommended

by Voith Turbo, PIV and Lenze.

Price: 31.579 Ft 28.000 Ft
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