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SHELL Gadus S4 V45AC 00/000 18kg

VTSZ: 27101999

.. Centralised chassis lubrication systems on trucks and buses or other “one-shot” systems.
.. Pneumatic tools
Performance Features
.. Good pumpability
No line blockages even at very low temperatures down to -45°C or under moderate pressure.
.. Good water resistance
Withstands washing with water, preventing loss of protection
.. Effective extreme-pressure properties
Efficient lubrication of heavily loaded components, FZG (A/2,8/50) Load stage >12
.. Endorsment from relevant OEMs
Shell Gadus S4 V45AC has official approval letters from :



Willy Vogel
Operating Temperature Range
From -40°C to 120°C
Upper temperature limit: 130°C (Short periods)

Price: 43.325 Ft
Részletes bemutatás
Automatikus elosztás és adagolás A Shell Gadus S4 V45AC zsír a standard kenőberendezésekben egyszerően elosztható és adagolható.
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