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SHELL Retinax HDX 2 400 gr

VTSZ: 27101999

Performance Features

Outstanding mechanical stability

• Maintains its excellent lubrication

properties even when subjected

to severe vibration.

Effective extreme-pressure properties

• Efficient lubrication of heavily loaded

and shock loaded components.

Good adhesive properties

• In heavy load and shock conditions.

Excellent anti-wear performance under

shock load conditions

• Ensure protection of key components

at all times.


Shell Retinax Grease HDX 2 is recommended

for the lubrication of shock loaded heavy

duty bearings and non-bearing applications

working in damp hostile conditions.

Particularly suited for use in off-highway

applications and for the lubrication of

'fifth wheels'.

Specifications, Approvals

and Recommendations

Shell Retinax Grease HDX 2 is

recommended for use over the temperature

range –10°C to 130°C (140°C peak).

Price: 1.209 Ft
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