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SHELL Alvania RL 3/Gadus S2 V100 0,4 kg

VTSZ: 27101999

Performance Features

• Reliable high temperature performance

Good oxidation and mechanical stability

Helps to resist the formation of deposits

caused by oxidation at high operating

temperatures. Shell Alvania Greases RL

are extremely stable under vibrations.

• Good corrosion resistance characteristics

Effective protection in hostile


• Long storage life

Does not alter in consistency during

prolonged storage.


• Rolling element and plain grease

lubricated bearings

• Electric motor bearings

• Sealed-for-life bearings

• Water pump bearings Very good performance:  -30 oC -+ 120 oC

Shell Alvania Grease RL3

A medium/hard high performance industrial

grease, particularly recommended for the

lubrication of electrical motor bearings.

Price: 1.049 Ft
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