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MainpageLubricantsGreasesSHELL Gadus S2 U 460 L 2 0,4 kg

SHELL Gadus S2 U 460 L 2 0,4 kg

VTSZ: 27101999


• Recommended for use in bearings

operating in the temperature range –10°C

to 180°C.

• SHELL Gadus S2 U 460 L 2 gives good

service life in many applications where

expensive synthetic or silicone lubricants

would otherwise be considered.

• The special high viscosity base oil in Shell

SHELL Gadus S2 U 460 L 2  makes it particularly

suitable for the grease lubrication of

heavily loaded slow speed bearings.

• With caution, Shell Darina Grease R 2

may be used at temperatures in excess

of 200°C, but only so long as the Relubrication

period is suitably adjusted.

It can

melt at high temperatures destroying

the grease structure – greatly reducing

its retention and lubrication properties.

In bearings

operating at high temperature it resists

softening and remains in place providing

good sealing and continuous lubrication

even in the presence of vibration.

Typical Physical Characteristics

SHELL Gadus S2 U 460 L 2

Soap Type Inorganic (clay)

Base Oil (type) Mineral

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C cSt

@ 100°C cSt



Cone Penetration

Price: 1.359 Ft
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