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SHELL Alvania EP LF 1 20 kg
Unit:18 kg
Shell Alvania Grease EP (LF)1 is designed for: Heavy duty bearings served by centralised dispensing equipment. Extreme-pressure gear grease...
Ár: 36.787 Ft
SHELL Gadus S2 V100 2 18 kg
Unit:18 kg
A medium consistency grease designed, mainly, for general industrial lubrication...
Ár: 33.598 Ft
SHELL Gadus S4 V45AC 00/000 18kg
Shell Gadus S4 V45AC Grease is a fluid grease for use in centralised lubrication systems. This grease is based on highly refined mineral as well as selected synthetic base oils,...
Ár: 43.163 Ft
SHELL Gadus S2 V220 00 18kg
Unit:18 kg
  Previous Names: Shell Alvania Grease EP(LF), Retinax EP Shell Gadus S2 V220 greases are high quality multipurpose, extreme-pressure greases based on a...
Ár: 37.849 Ft
SHELL GADUS S3 V220 C 2 20 KG.
Unit:18 kg
SHELL GADUS S3 V220 C 2 are very high performance, lead-free, lithium complex, extreme pressure greases developed, primarily, for the lubrication of automotive...
Ár: 42.631 Ft
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