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MoTip Leak Detector 400 ml

VTSZ: 34012090

Gas leakages are very dangerous. In order to localize it you can use Motip leak detector. You can easily and safely find location of leakages. Before use make sure you can use leak detector on surface. Applicapble on pipings, screw fittings, valves by gas, natural gas, oxigen, dinitrogenoxide, nitrogen, carbondioxide and acetilene. It is not burning.

Usage: Localize visually the approximate leakage. Shake well for 2 minutes. Spray on the surface. Bubbles will appear on leakage. Dry it before repair works, repair it, and check again for leakage.

Potential usage  in case og gases: bulks, vessels, pipings, air condition. In case of compressed air: pipings, brakes, compressors, bulks, inflatable boats.

Price: 1.260 Ft
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