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SHELL Corena D 46/Corena S2 R 46 20 lit

VTSZ: 27101981


Rotary sliding vane air compressors  Screw air compressorsOil flooded or oil injected air compressors, up to 15bar and 100°C discharge air temperature. Machines running in mobile equipment, e.g. construction sites, railways, particularly in severe environments.
Performance Features and Advantages
Very good internal cleanliness
Very good oil oxidation resistance
Effective coolant fluid
Very good rusting and wear protection
Good air release and anti-foam properties

 Oil drain periods

The use of Shell Corena D will allow the oil drain period to be extended up to 4000 hours, even when operating at a continuous maximum discharge air temperature of about 100°C.

Specification and Approvals

ISO 6743-3A-DAH

Shell Comptella D is known and used by major OEM’s throughout the world.

Price: 31.514 Ft
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