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SHELL Tonna T 68/TONNA S2 M 68 20 lit

VTSZ: 27101999

Shell Tonna Oils T are specially designed for the lubrication of machine tool slides and

tables. They are based on highly refined mineral oils and contain additives to enhance

tackiness, anti-wear and stick-slip characteristics. They are specially recommended in

cases where high exposure to soluble cutting fluids exist

Performance Features and Benefits

Ready separation from watermiscible
cutting fluidsGood slideway adhesionGood frictional propertiesGood anti-wear performance

Excellent corrosion prevention


Specifications and Approvals

Tonna T meets the following specifications:

Cincinnati Machine P-50 (ISO 220), P-47 (ISO 68),

P-53 (ISO 32
DIN 51524  HL

Price: 30.166 Ft
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