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MainpageLubricantsIndustrial oilsSHELL Morlina 220 20 lit.

SHELL Morlina 220 20 lit.

VTSZ: 27101999
Machine circulation systems

• Oil lubricated plain and rolling element


• Roll-neck bearings

• Low or moderately loaded enclosed


Extended life in the oil system

• Designed to reduce rusting and corrosion

• Formulated to increase bearing life due to

good water separation

• Meets the requirements of the Morgan

Construction Company

• Pump cavitation minimised due to the low

foaming tendency

• Inherent good air release performance
DIN 51 524.1 HL , DIN 51 517.2 i CL , DIN 51 506i VCL

Price: 37.584 Ft
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