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Industrial oils

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SHELL Corena P 100 20 litre
Unit:20 liter
Shell Corena Oil P is a premium quality reciprocating air compressor lubricant. It is based on a blend of specially selected base oils to provide a level of...
Ár: 34.656 Ft
SHELL Tonna S 68 20 lit.
Unit:20 liter
  Shell Tonna Oil S are specially designed for the lubrication of machine tool slides and tables. They are based on highly refined mineral oils and contain...
Ár: 30.439 Ft
Shell Omala 320 20 lit.
Unit:20 liter
Shell Omala Oils are high quality, extreme-pressure oils designed, primarily, for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears....
Ár: 33.369 Ft
SHELL Omala HD 220 22 lit.
Unit:22 liter
Shell Omala Oil HD is an advanced synthetic heavy duty industrial gear oil offering outstanding lubrication performance under severe operating conditions, including...
Ár: 65.419 Ft
SHELL Morlina 10 18 lit.
Unit:18 liter
Shell Morlina Oils 10 is high viscosity-index, solvent refined mineral oils blended with zinc free anti-wear and other additives to provide extended performance...
Ár: 38.419 Ft
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