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Macron SL 201 20 liter

VTSZ: 34039900

The metal working industry uses many million liter of metal working fluids. This is harming our environment. The used lubricants with or without nitrozamines, sulphur, phosporus are to be treated as dangerous chemical waste.

Health and safety

The usage of metal working fluids has developed  a regulation for safety and health. The workers get in contact with metal working fluids, directly on skin, indirectly with evaporates inhalation. The expozition is to be avoided be usage of gloves and ventillation. It is unavoidible that these materials collect themselves in working environment and earth. Also cleaning costs and biological degradation of fluids bear remarkable effects.

Alternative solutions

Alternatives are vegetable based cutting oils, where the principle is completely different from conventional cutting fluids.
A Shell Macron SL 201 is vegetable (rape) basis cutting oil. The lubrication is done with a specially designed spraying equipment, where lubricant droplets form a microscpic lubricant film.
The spraying equipment operates with 4-5 bar pressure. The spraying head is to be positioned on the exact cutting place.
The Shell Macron SL 201 is delivered thru a pump, which regulates the quantity of lubricant, the consumption. Usual consumption is 0,018 litre/hour

Working properties

A microscopic lubricant film on the cutting edge of the tools gives exscellent lubrication in machining. Cooling and chip removal are done with air. Lubricant residues are burnt. The Shell Macron SL 201 is usable for all non-continous cutting operations (milling, sawing)

Benefits Since the lubricants film is totally used in cutting operation and rest burns, chips are nearly dry. There is no need for mixing unit, no bacterial infections, no rust, clean working place. No contact of workers with lubricant nor directly nor indirectly thru inhalation. No need for ventillation installation. Workpieces remain dry, so easier painting, no need for degreasing.


Heat is generated while chips and the tool is frictioning. This is in relation with chip size and cutting speed. While using Shell Macron SL 201 the cutting speed must be reduced by 20%, while cutting depth can be increased by 30%.

The Shell Macron SL 201 gives longer tool lifetime thru decreasing quantity of BUE (biult up edge)

Cutting operations

In turning, drilling and threadcutting there is no opportunity to build lubraction film on cutting place. Lubricant can be applied just before starting the operation. So operational speed will remain 10% below as with conventional lubricants.

Workpiece materials
The Shell Macron SL 201 cutting oil is to be applied on aluminium, copper, titan and steel machining. The product must be applied with a specific spraying equipment.

The Shell Macron SL 201 extend tool lifetime

Other properties

The Shell Macron SL 201 is vegetable oil, it is biologically degradable.


between 5 - 40 °C

Shelf time: 3 years.


Is compatible with other cutting oils.

Price: 52.749 Ft
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