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Gunk Super concentrated fuel injector cleaner 354 ml
Unit:354 ml
A specially formulated high strength cleaner that safely removes injector, intake valve, and combustion chamber deposits on foreign and domestic gasoline...
Ár: 1.500 Ft
Gunk Belt Conditioner 170 gr
Unit:170 gr
A spray on belt dressing for all belts, which improves frictional characteristics of belt surfaces. Helps to keep rubber soft and flexible. Reduces belt squealing and...
Ár: 814 Ft
Motip Quick start 400 ml
Unit:400 ml
High quality tool for starting problems with internal combustion engines. Diesel engines Petrol engines Ether-based...
Ár: 950 Ft
Gunk Liquid radiator repair 325 ml
Unit:325 ml
Stops leaks in radiators instantly and prevents new leaks from developing. Works in water or anti-freeze...
Ár: 679 Ft
gunk Valve Medic 354 ml
Unit:354 ml
One container of VALVE_MEDIC® added to crankcase oil will generally free-up sticking valves and/or valve lifters. A scientific blend of solvents compounded to free...
Ár: 809 Ft
Gunk Radiator flush 325 ml
Unit:325 ml
Flushes rust, scale and deposits from the cooling system when changing coolant or as a periodic cleaner....
Ár: 679 Ft
Gunk Instant starting fluid 311 gr
Unit:311 gr
To promote quick starting of gasoline and diesel engines under extreme cold...
Ár: 950 Ft
MoTip Lacquer, black matt 500 ml
Unit:500 ml
Fast drying Good coverage Base : Acrylic resin Non-fading and UV resistant...
Ár: 1.795 Ft
Gank Carb-medic aerosol 354 gr
Unit:354 gr
Cleans carburetor, choke linkage and manifold heat controls. Applied by spray to areas to be...
Ár: 1.349 Ft
Gunk Radiator repair- powdered 56,7 gr.
Unit:56,7 gr
Stops leaks in radiators instantly and prevents new leaks from developing. Works in both water and anti-freeze...
Ár: 999 Ft
Gunk  Airbrake system anti-freeze & rust-guard  946 ml
Unit:946 ml
An anti-freeze designed to prevent freezing of water, and corrosion to metals in lines of heavy duty air brake systems AIR BRAKE SYSTEM ANTI-FREEZE & RUST GUARD is...
Ár: 1.949 Ft
Gunk Windshield Deicer 340 gr
Unit:340 gr
DE-ICER defrosts windshields, windows, and locks. Helps free frozen...
Ár: 850 Ft
Gunk Liquid wrench silicone spray 340 gr
Unit:340 gr
A general-purpose silicone lubricant in aerosol form. Stops squeaks, rust and corrosion. Excellent mold release....
Ár: 930 Ft
MoTip Bike Care Bike Oil 100 ml
Unit:100 ml
High quality universal oil to lubricate and protect parts of metal and plastic of two-wheelers
Ár: 635 Ft
MOTIP Fagyasztó spray 500 ml
Unit:500 ml
Hatékony eszköz a rozsdás vagy odatapadt kötések meglazítására.
Ár: 1.490 Ft
MOTIP Hidegindító spray vezeték 200 cm
Unit:1 darab
Hidegindító spray- hez szükséges vezeték 2 méteres/ darab
Ár: 199 Ft
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