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Fuel and oil additives

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Gunk Diesel Fuel anti-gel cold flow improver 443 ml
Unit:443 ml
Retards waxing and gelling during cold weather. Stops filter icing
Ár: 1.810 Ft
Gunk Lead Substitute 354 ml
Unit:354 ml
Allows older engines designed for use with "leaded" gasoline’s to run safely with low lead or unleaded fuels when used as...
Ár: 1.199 Ft
Gunk Octane perform booster 354 ml
Unit:354 ml
Restores engine performance. Reduces knock, ping and hesitation. Cleans injectors, intake valve, and combustion chamber...
Ár: 1.124 Ft
Gunk Diesel-Tone Fuel Conditioner  354 ml
Unit:354 ml
Compounded to improve the performance characteristics of diesel fuel. The results are perceived with improved engine performance, clean injectors and reduced...
Ár: 950 Ft
Gunk Motor Flush 354 ml
Unit:354 ml.
A blend of sludge dissolving solvents which can be added to an engine a few minutes before an oil change to flush out deposits and free valves and rings. Frees up...
Ár: 759 Ft
Gunk Motor- medic oil treatment 443 ml
Unit:443 ml
Oil characteristic fortification additive. Compounded to reduce friction to promote easier starting and quieter running;...
Ár: 1.599 Ft
GUNK Gas Treatment 354 ml
Unit:354 ml.
FUNCTION AND APPLICATION: Maintains engine performance.
Ár: 950 Ft
Gunk diesel fuel conditioner with Cetan boost 354 ml
Unit:354 ml
 It is formulated to provide superior lubricity and fuel economy while improving performance and decreasing...
Ár: 1.570 Ft
Gunk Diesel Fuel De-gel 946 ml
Unit:946 ml
DIESEL FUEL DE-GEL will dissolve and disperse ice and wax accumulations in gelled Diesel...
Ár: 2.600 Ft
Gunk Engine stop leak 354ml
Unit:354 ml
Stops minor oil leaks in front and rear main bearing seals, head gaskets and timing chain covers.
Ár: 994 Ft
Gunk Premium Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel with Conditioner 946 ml
Unit:946 ml
Improves fuel flow in cold weather, cetane number, injector function, water dispersion, emissions, fuel economy and...
Ár: 4.079 Ft
GUNK Szervó olajszivárgás gátló adalék 354 ml
Unit:354 ml
Az adalék segít megállítani a szervófolyadék szivárgását. Lecsendesíti a szervórendszer nyikorgását.
Ár: 1.140 Ft
Gunk Diesel Fuel ANTI-GEL with Conditioner  354 ml
Unit:354 ml
Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel is formulated as a premium cold weather additive. Improves fuel flow in cold weather, cetane number, injector function, water dispersion, emissions,...
Ár: 2.009 Ft
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