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1. Product selection

The customers have the opportunity to select and order from the products of the webshop. They can click on the chosen products, which they need to place into a virtual basket by clicking on the “Basket” button, in case they intend to purchase. After finishing the selection, they will see a list of the chosen products, the total sum of the account and the cost of delivery on the screen.  Here they can check if the order has been placed correctly, by paying special attention to the prices and quantities, which still can be corrected. The basket will automatically calculate the total sum.
2. Placing your order
If you finished selecting the items, you just simply need to click on the “Cash-desk” button. Then you need to select the most suitable way of delivery (personal pick-up or courier service). Before placing your order, please read our “General Internet-Commerce Business Regulations”, which you need to accept before placing an order. Once your order has been sent and received, we will confirm it by sending an e-mail in which we inform you about the expected date of delivery.
3. Prices
At the time of the order our actual and valid prices can be found next to the products in the webshop.They are gross prices including VAT except for the cost of delivery. In case there is a default in either the prices or the products
in the webshop, we reserve the right for the correction. In such cases, as soon as the default is identified and modified, we will immediately inform the customers about the corrected data. When it is done, the customer must confirm the order again, or both parties have the opportunity to terminate the contract.

4. Processing the orders

Orders are processed in 24 hours.

5. Confirmation

We confirm every order in e-mail. It means that you will get an automatic e-mail confirming that your order has been received and later another one about the expected date of delivery. We may check the validity of the orders on telephone, thus we request that your phone number (or mobile number) be indicated on the order by all means. In case a valid phone number is not provided, it lies within our power not to deliver the goods. To make the purchase easier further on, it is necessary to registrate.
6. Terms of payment
In the webshop you can either choose to pay by bank transfer, bank card, ready cash or cash on delivery. In case you choose the latter, you need to pay the total sum as well as the cost of delivery on receipt of the goods in cash to the deliverer. It costs gross 500Ft/package.

7. Delivery and cost of delivery
The goods are delivered by a courier service. You can make arrangement in connection with the date of delivery on telephone, the number is provided in the confirmatory e-mail. We do not deliver abroad. We can deliver the goods on the next workday only if the order is placed and is received until 12 a.m. by our system. Orders arriving after 12 a.m. will be delivered on the second workday from the date of the order. The cost of delivery for orders worth gross 25.000Ft or less is gross 1600Ft/package. Over 25.000Ft the delivery is free of charge.
8. Cancellation of delivery
If the supplier fails to fulfill the obligations defined in the contract because the product is not at its disposal, or providing the ordered service is beyond its power, the supplier is obliged to inform the customer about it. The webshop does not enter into contract with minors. The customer declares to be major by accepting the commercial conditions.

9. Return of product

You can return the products only in the original condition, package, quantity and quality.

10. Withdrawal right/Return guaranty

The customer can cancel the order within eight days from the date of the purchase. The customer can practise this right from the date of the receipt of the goods. The supplier is obliged to pay the money back to the customer without fail, and within thirty days at the latest. The customer pays the occurant costs of the return as a consequence of practising the withdrawal right. No further costs are charged on the customer. However, the Supplier can ask for the refund of any loss which is caused by the inappropriate use of the product. If the product which has been returned on the basis of the withdrawal right is not in perfect and saleable condition, the customer is obliged to make amends, inasmuch as the damage in the quality of the goods makes it impossible to sell the product or if it has been damaged deliberately or out of neglect. When opening the package it is obvious at the presence of the deliverer that the product has been damaged and that the impairment occured prior to the receipt of the product, we guarantee the repurchase of the damaged product or the cancellation of the purchase. Any kind of damage, lack of contents that arise during delivery must be documented in a report book. We can not take responsibility for any lack of contents or damage following the receipt of the product. The text of Regulation No 17/1999. regarding the practice of the withdrawal right can be downloaded from the website of National Consumer Protection Authority. (Nemzeti Fogyasztóvédelmi Hatóság) 
11. Term of ownership

The delivered product is owned by the supplier until the complete amount of the purchase-price is paid. In case of faulty or not accepted orders, the product is listed in the inventory under the name of the new owner, and after a later and successful purchase the new owner will get the money in exchange for the product. 
12. Guaranty

The supplier ensures a warranty period for the products. The warranty period is indicated on the products.
13. Cancellation of purchase

The customer has the right to cancel purchase within 24 hours following the order. This claim needs to be presented in either e-mail or on telephone. In this case the customer is not charged any kind of expenses. The refund does not apply to the cost of delivery or packaging, only the price of the ordered product is refunded. 
14. Liabilities on no condition is responsible in the below listed situations/data , whatever the reasons for them may be:- any kind of data sent and/or received on Internet- any kind of problems with the operation of the Internet that prevents Webshop at from operating properly- any kind of default in any of the devices, interference in the communicational channels- loss of any letter – either e-mail or regular – and loss of any data- inappropriate operation of any of the softwers- consequences of any programme failure, abnormal occurence or technical default 

On no account can be blamed or taken responsible for unforseen circumstances or for any other incidence over which it has no control.

15. Complaints...
...should be sent to the following address:

Hajdú-Bihar Megyei  Fogyasztóvédelmi Felügyelőség
Cím: 4024 Debrecen, Vármegyeháza u.1/a.
Postacím: 4002 Debrecen, Pf. 83.
Telefon: (52) 507-596
Fax: (52) 507-598