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Our core business is the distribution of lubricants for automotive, motorbikes and (food) industry. Our assortment includes a variety of engine oils, gear and transmission oils, coolants, brake & shock absorber fluids and other high performance lubricators.
Eleminates odors
It's a good feeling only to sit in the car, if the interior is clean. To eleminate even dogged odours use Sonax Smoke-ex!
Paintwork care
A car's paintwork is exposed to all weathers, as well as mechanical wear and tear. Sooner or later the paintwork shows its age - the surface gets scratched, the paintwork looks dull and the colours fade. Regular polishing restores the surface shine and freshens up the colours, again and again. A good polish such as SONAX Polish & Wax contains high quality carnauba hard wax, which simultaneously protects and preserves the paintwork when polished out.
Leather and textile-leather seat care
Strong on dirt - gentle on leather. For cleaning and care of leather seats, interior fittings, motor bike leathers, furniture and other components made from smooth leather. It removes dirt, oil and grease while simultaneously making the leather extremely supple. Real beeswax assures long term protection. It contains no dyes and can be used with leather of all colours. The foam is ideal for vehicles with heated seats and for perforated leather surfaces. With pleasant leather fragrance.
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