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Useful tips
Windscreen cleaning

Dirty windscreens don't just look messy - they also present a significant safety risk. Even a slight smear film on the windscreen can cause several seconds "blind driving".

A special windscreen cleaner can remove the typical windscreen grime quickly and without leaving streaks. Important: Think about the windscreen washer unit too - in winter the best bet is SONAX Antifreeze & Clear View, for the warmer seasons SONAX Clear View 1:100 provides clear vision.

Tip: SONAX Glass Clear is also ideal for household use on windows and mirrors.

Professional engine cleaning
A dirty engine quickly reduces its optimal performance. And that is why an engine always needs the best care to keep it clean from sludge.
Winter preparations

Insurance of the looking out
It is a common accident cause in winter that the driver can not see out through the windscreen. In this case salt, ice and muck can create a massive layer in the glass. If the washer system does not attend well, the driver could assume a serious risk with the driving.

Cleaning the interior
Upholstery covers and interior textiles get a lot of wear and tear from dust, road grime and every day usage. Cleanliness and hygiene in the car interior make for a pleasant atmosphere when driving.
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