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Winter preparations

Insurance of the looking out
It is a common accident cause in winter that the driver can not see out through the windscreen. In this case salt, ice and muck can create a massive layer in the glass. If the washer system does not attend well, the driver could assume a serious risk with the driving.

With a high-grade windsreen cleaner (ex.: Sonax winter windsreecn cleaner) winter muck can be removed  easily and fast. Speed is very important: for ex.: 4 sec. drop-out is equal 120 meters blind navigation. Thanks to good cleaner action with some windscreener wiper movements the area will be clear. The tipical autumn-winter muck will be disapeared.

It is frquent that in winter the windows are covered by ice. In this case we usually rub it off. Be careful with the rasping! In consequence little scratches will be appear on the windscreen and if they come together they may disturb the driver, especially in the evening when other car's illuminator could lighten our window. Sonax Ice remover liquid remove ice gently without scratches.

The door's rubber parts could freeze onto the car-body in cold nights, it is worth to crank the out with SONAX RubberCare, with this we can prevent the ageing.

If there is no central lock in the car, it can easily freeze in. Standing around the car in the cold, may breathe or warm it with the hands is unpleasent. SONAX de-icer can remove ice witin secounds and it stop re-iceing  and grease the lock system.

These things are not enough without safe drive style. The road will be wide in winter aswell with well preparedness and competent awareness.