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Leather and textile-leather seat care
Strong on dirt - gentle on leather. For cleaning and care of leather seats, interior fittings, motor bike leathers, furniture and other components made from smooth leather. It removes dirt, oil and grease while simultaneously making the leather extremely supple. Real beeswax assures long term protection. It contains no dyes and can be used with leather of all colours. The foam is ideal for vehicles with heated seats and for perforated leather surfaces. With pleasant leather fragrance. For cleaning and care of all types of smooth leather. Restores colours and keeps the surfaces smooth and supple. Protects and preserves. For car and household use.

We recommend SONAX Xtreme Upholstery & Alcantara cleaner in the 400-ml aerosol can for treating stains in textile, velour and Alcantara covers. The powerful foam penetrates the fibres deeply, resolves dirt, and, at the same time, eliminates smell by binding smelly substances. In additions, it refreshes the colours. To avoid differences in colour and brightness between treated and untreated areas, the cleaner should always be applied to the entire surface (e.g. complete seats). SONAX Interior cleaner is suitable for cleaning the roof lining: just spray on and evenly spread with a damp sponge – until the roof or belts are clean. Rinse and moisten the sponge time and again. Tip: always treat the entire roof lining to avoid a formation of unsightly edges after drying.