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MainpageUseful tipsDifference between cheap and quality windscreen washer?
Difference between cheap and quality windscreen washer?
There are special claims for winter windscreen liquids because not every winter windscreen liquid stands for the proof.
What is the quality difference between the top category and the low range of windscreen liquids?

Special claims for winter windscreen liquids:
The removal of the oil, the carbon deposit, the salt and other winter pollutions from the windscreen.

Saves the case and the pipe of the windscreen liquid againts the frost.
Arrest the frost of the sprayer and the congelation on the windscreen of the liquid.
Does not damage the plastic pieces, does not make brisures on the glass areas. (polycarbonate and light spreading)
Does not damage the lacque areas, does not change the colour of the lacque, does not make blistering-off or corrosion.
You can use it with sprayer in low temperature.
Stabile againts the hard water. In generally these windscreen liquids are sold in concentrate form, you can temper is with hard water as well without opacification or setting down.
The agreeable smell streams in through the ventilating system and fill up the inside part of the car.


Surfactants for the winter
Functions: cleaning in low temperature
Alcohols (iso-propanol and etanol)
Functions: assurance againt the froze in case of below 0°C
Functions:assurance againt the froze in case of below 0°C and prevention of the refreezing
Colourer and aromes
Functions: assure the colour and the agreeable smeel of the liquid
Acrid additives
Functions: safety of the children, arrest the gulping

A lot of laboratory evidence/test prove that more competitor products which are sold like good quality products are not clean well and/or mess the windscreen or rather make a dazzling coat on the windscreen which disorder the look out.

The ingredients of the dipshit windscreen liquids:
Alcohols: lowered rate
Surfactants: less amount
Glycols: enlarged amount, in place of VOC-alcohols, use glycoles in bigger amount which leave lines on the windscreen and the squeegees can't remove them well.

The ingrediants of the TOP quality windscreen liquids: (p.e.:SONAX products)
Alcohols: enlarged amount
Surfactants: bigger amount (for winter weather conditions which insure the perfect cleaning effect in low temperature as well
Glycols: lower amount, the glycol's amount can be found in the optimal minimum rate which prevents the formation of the lines on the windscreen.