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How often should you change oil?
If you read the fine print in your owners manual scheduled maintenance section, you will often discover that many extended oil change intervals (those beyond 5,000 miles) are for vehicles that are driven under "ideal" operating conditions. What most of us think of as "normal" driving is actually "severe service" driving as far as the oil is concerned. The producer usually defines the suggested intervals between the change of lubricating oil concerning vehicles with only few kilometre run (typically 1-2 years), some models are made to indicate automatically when the refill is due. It is important to know that the oil components will decompose after a time thus making the oil lose its preferable quality. For mineral-based oils this period is about 1-2 years, for more modern oils made by synthetic technology, it is a bit longer. Although most types of oil can be used for years if stored in the original packaging, it does not apply to the ones stored in the vehicles. While operating the vehicles, such substances can appear in the lubricating oil which generate unfavourable processes in the engine. It is advisable to remove these oils – by oil change – even if the vehicle has only run few kilometres. Vehicles which annually have few kilometre runs, but are pressed into hard service because of frequent cold ignitions and of short distance use (e.g. in the city) will result in a faster wearing-out of the lubricating oil.