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Privacy Statement
CONDITIONS OF WEBSITE APPLICATIONSThe conditions of applications below include all conditions regarding the usage of the website at (henceforth: Website) which you accept by using the Website.The Website is operated by Optimus 92 Kft. 4033. Debrecen Huszár Gál u. 54. (henceforth: Operator) and is possessed by Operator.Concerning the layout, structure and contents of Website you can ask for further information, can make comments or enquire at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it Regulations concerning intellectual creations:All the contents of Website is possessed by Operator if not indicated otherwise, and as such, is subject to the copyright of intellectual creations. All rights, concerning the contents published on Website (texts, graphics, inserted pictures and visual elements, product pack labels, photos, etc.) are reserved by Operator, all or parts of the contents on Website can be used exclusively with a written permission issued by Operator.The visitors to Website are entitled to print certain parts of the contents or save them onto their computers – only for usage by which they do not serve their own business either directly or indirectly -, but are not entitled to the further usage of the multiplied copies, their distribution, storage in the database, and they are not allowed to offer them for further download or release them with commercial purposes. The usage of any property (e.g. photos, graphic contents, trademarks, logos, domain names etc.) of a third person published by Operator is possible exclusively within the confines of the law of copyright, that is 1999. évi LXXVI. törvény, as well as of the law on the protection of trademarks and geographical product marks, that is 1997. évi XI. törvény.  For any other type of usage of the material, the consent of the author is required. In case of unauthorized usage or that of beyond authorized ones, Operator is entitled to initiate proceedings appropriate to the nature of injuria. Protection of personal dataIn order to use website, you need to registrate as well as provide certain personal data such as name, email address etc. All personal data requested at registration are handled carefully and strictly confidentially. Unauthorized person cannot get access to them, and on no condition are data released to a third person except for cases defined by law.  Visitors to Website can ask Operator for the deletion of personal data in writing and in such cases Operator is bound to delete these data – as long as data management is not recorded by law as the responsibility of Operator. In case Visitors request the deletion of such personal data which are required to get access to certain services, they will lose the right to use those services.


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