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SHELL Spirax GX 80W 20 lit.

VTSZ: 27101987

Performance Features

Long oil drain capability

• Higher reserves of additives help ensure

long-term protection of the gears. Longer

oil life as a result of higher oxidation

stability also improves oil drain intervals.

Long gear life

• Clear improvement in protection against

wear, help prevent premature failure.

High oxidation resistance also helps to

prevent damaging deposit formation in

the gears.

Great efficiency

• Ideal shear-stable formulations give

improved flow properties and shiftability

at low temperatures. Optimised friction

properties minimises power losses and

wear, thereby also improving efficiency.

Less environmental pollution

• Reduced environmental damage and

improved recyclability result from the

significantly lower chlorine content.

Markedly improved seal compatibility

for increased protection against leaks.


Automotive transmissions

• Synchromesh gearboxes and medium

loaded axle drives.

Specifications, Approvals

and Recommendations

API Service Classification: GL-4

Mercedes-Benz Sheet: 235.5

MAN: 341 ML

Eaton (ex US): Meets

Isuzu: Meets

Price: 35.777 Ft
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