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SHELL Tellus T 46/TELLUS S2 V 46 20 lit

VTSZ: 27101983


• Hydraulic and fluid power transmission

systems subjected to wide variations in

temperature or where low viscosity change

with fluctuating temperature is required.

Certain critical hydraulic systems can

only tolerate small variations in viscosity

with fluctuating temperature if efficiency

and responsiveness are to be maintained.

Hydraulic oils, such as Shell Tellus Oil T,

which exhibit multigrade viscosity

characteristics may be used to particular

Very low viscosity variation with temperature

advantage in these circumstances. High shear stabilityOutstanding anti-wear performanceExcellent filterabilityOxidation resistant Corrosion protection


Rapid air release and anti-foam properties
DIN 51 524.3 HVLP
ISO 6743/4 HV 
DIN 51 517.3 CLP

Price: 35.385 Ft
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