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SHELL Hélix Dies. HX7 10w40 4 lit.

VTSZ: 27101981


·     All passenger car and light diesel engines, including turbo diesel. 

Performance Features and Benefits

·     Superior engine protection and life
·     Peace of mind due to extended laboratory and field tests
·     Excellent protection for turbocharged cars
Enhance fuel economy and better cold starting
Low oil consumption
·     Low chlorine content

It reduces the environmental impact due to the product disposal.


Specification and Approvals

SHELL Hélix Dies. HX7 10w40 4 lit. exceeds the requirements of all major car manufacturers and the following industry standards:

API                   CF
ACEA               B3-98

BMW                Special Oil List

Mercedes Benz            Sheet 229.1

Peugeot-Citroen Meets PSA D requirements

Rover                Registered

VW                  505.00

Price: 6.919 Ft
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