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Engine oils

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SHELL Rimula R2 (Extra) 15W40 4 lit.
Unit:4 liter
Shell Rimula R2 Extra Energised Protection oils use proven combinations of additives that react to the varying needs of your engine. They include active dispersants to carry away...
Ár: 5.591 Ft
SHELL Hélix Dies. HX7 10w40 4 lit.
Unit:4 liter
SHELL Hélix Dies. HX7 10w40 4 lit. is an advanced, synthetic technology based lubricant for superior engine protection in all driving conditions, whatever your diesel car....
Ár: 6.919 Ft
Shell Hélix Dies. Ultra AF-L 5w30 1 lit.
Unit:1 lit.
Shell Helix Diesel Ultra AF-L is the latest generation fully synthetic engine oil designed specifically to meet the needs of all Ford and Mazda diesel engines fitted with...
Ár: 3.683 Ft
SHELL Hélix HX5 15w40 4 lit.
Unit:4 liter
Shell Helix HX5 is a guaranteed quality lubricant based on a blend of high viscosity index mineral oils and selected additives that give your car unbeatable clean up action with...
Ár: 5.179 Ft
SHELL Rimula X 30 20 lit.
Unit:20 liter
Shell Rimula X 30 Energised Protection oils feature proven lubricant chemistry that adapts to your driving needs to provide extra protection. Featuring an...
Ár: 29.282 Ft
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