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What does the lubricants viscosity class mean? eg.: 5W-40
These are SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) viscosity grades that class four-stroke engine oils in relation to their hot and cold viscosity characteristics.
These grades are defined as follows:
ˇ a winter grade, followed by the letter W, 15W for example
ˇ a summer grade, this figure comes after the winter grade, 40 for example
The smaller the winter grade number (0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W) the more the oil remains fluid at low temperatures, and therefore the easier it is to start the engine in very cold weather.
The higher the summer grade number (20, 30, 40, 50, 60 the more the oil remains viscous at high temperatures (100°C), and therefore the more protection it provides to the motor during strenuous use. Present day engines are designed to operate with a hot oil viscosity of SAE 40. In winter, a cold grade of SAE 15W is ample to provide starting without problems. An oil of SAE 15W-40 is therefore suitable for temperatures ranging from -10°C to +40°C. (refer to the vehicle manufacturer's exact recommendations).
About the oil consumption

Is that shows a problem when your vehicle or your four-stroke use engine-oil?
All the motors use some engine-oil even if the oil level doesn't decrease observably, scil. in the course of the function, different substances augment the cubic capacity of the engine-oil, p.e.: different concreted pollutions, propellants, etc.

How often should you change oil?
If you read the fine print in your owners manual scheduled maintenance section, you will often discover that many extended oil change intervals (those beyond 5,000 miles) are for vehicles that are driven under "ideal" operating conditions. What most of us think of as "normal" driving is actually "severe service" driving as far as the oil is concerned.
Which motor oil is needed for my car?
All of lubricants are high quality apprecited products. For selecting a suitable lubricants for your car you have consider the recommendation of your car's producer.
For a more exact recommencation for your vehicle, please check Shells LubeMatch website:
What kind of products can be purchased on
Our core business is the distribution of lubricants for automotive, motorbikes and (food) industry. Our assortment includes a variety of engine oils, gear and transmission oils, coolants, brake & shock absorber fluids and other high performance lubricators.
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