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41-45, total 301
Unit:1 liter
Shell Donax TM is a high quality automotive transmission, power steering and hydraulic oil mainly used for heavy-duty vehicles working in an ‘off-road’...
Ár: 1.935 Ft
SHELL Rimula R4 L (Super) 15W40 4 lit.
Unit:4 liter
Shell Rimula R4 L is suitable for virtually all on-highway truck, bus and coach applications including US 2007, Euro 2, 3, 4 and 5 applications. The...
Ár: 6.480 Ft
SHELL Retinax HDX 2 400 gr
Unit:0,4 kg
Shell Retinax Grease HDX 2 is a very high performance grease for automotive applications subjected to the most arduous conditions. Shell Retinax Grease HDX 2 is...
Ár: 1.204 Ft
SHELL Advance VSX 4 15W50/Advance 4T AX7 15W50 1 lit
Unit:1 liter
Shell Advance VSX 4 is a synthetic based lubricant specifically developed for 4-stroke motorcycles, offering excellent engine protection and superior clutch and...
Ár: 2.019 Ft
SHELL Brake DOT 4 0,5 lit.
Unit:0,5 liter
Shell Brake DOT 4 is a high performance brake and clutch fluid. The brake fluid forms an essential component in the braking system of a car. In service, the brake fluid...
Ár: 1.769 Ft
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